Jaya the Lyricist


Bhavanjali is an audio album of songs written by Jaya.The music is composed by Guruji Ustad Usman Khan, and Jaya has accompanied the singers on Sitar.


Jaya the Writer:

Gof Duheri:

Jaya writes about her “musical voyage” in her autobiographical book “GofDuheri” – a widely appreciated narrative in Marathi. In this book she writes the nuances of India’s “Guru-shihsya parampara”, an ancient pedagogical tradition by which the knowledge of an art is passed on from the master to the disciple over a long period of study and practice.

She also writes about Ustad Usman Khan’s own struggles in life – a narrative of how a practitioner of ancient Indian musical traditions had to battle financial adversity to reach the esteemed position that he is in today, despite the precious inheritance of his musical traditions from his grandfather and father. This book has been translated into English by Mrs. Smita Patel- titled “Duet on Strings” .It has been published by Signet Publications.

Sack Suitcase and Sitar:

This is another autobiographical account in Marathi – this time about her experiences while traveling the world giving Sitar performances. Jaya notes every quaint detail of the beauty and traditions of the places she visited, through the perceptive eyes of a very Indian musician, and renders those details in an enchanting manner in her rich vocabulary.

Parissparsh - Surancha:

This book reveals her journey as a musician and how music transformed her life. This book is written in a unique style where the reader also gets the reflections of a life of her guru ‘Ustad Usman Khan.’

Short Stories:

These short stories are creative masterpieces, expressing various human emotions and heart touching incidences. These stories are published in reputed magazines.

Articles in Media:

Jaya regularly writes in Marathi newspapers and magazines. A multifaceted writer in her was inspired when she visited Ladakh. Her article on Ladakh (a must-read for her fans and disciples) describes the charming region in its many aspects, apart from its renowned natural beauty.

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