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In continuous attempts to try something new, Jaya has conceptualized “SurasRang” a joint venture with Mrs. Ranja Kale. Surasrang is Expression of moods through Ghazals, Thumris, Bhajans, Film Songs and Classical instrumental music on the Sitar and Violin.

India is widely known as a culture that spawned and embraced Classical music. Although most of us love music with its broad connotations and wide interpretations, a vast majority of the audience is a little skeptical as to their understanding of Indian Classical form of music.

SurasRang offers a fascinating journey with glimpses of Indian Classical music to regale audiences and refresh their minds and souls. SurasRang is crafted to match moods of the human mind. Out of nine major emotions, Bhakti Rasa (Devotional), Karun Rasa (Pathos), Viraha Rasa (Longing) and Shrungar Rasa (Romantic) are the most prominent to play very important role in human life. SurasRang delicately unwinds these emotions. This is a portrait of moods –painted with different colors of Semi-classical and Instrumental music.

Surel Sanvaad

A Musical show that enthralls audience with individual compositions of Jaya Jog and Dr. Neelima Radkar (Violinist) presented through Sitar-Violin orchestration and dance. Although sitar and violin belong to different genre of musical instrument the symphony created in Surel Sanwand captivates the audience. These compositions are based on the ragas in Indian classical music like Bairagi, Jansammohini, Hansadhvani and Yaman. The artists in this show are the disciples of Jaya Jog and Dr. Neelima Radkar.

Gof Swarancha

The name literally means intertwined strings of musical notes. It’s a unique concept of rendition of vocal classical and semi-classical music combined with instrumental music. The instrumental music gives added glory to the emotional content of the raga. This show is presented by Jaya Jog (Sitar), Dr. Neelima Radkar (Violin), DR. Rajashree Mahajani and Madhuri Karambelkar (Vocal).


  • Osho Ashram (Pune)
  • NCPA (Mumbai)
  • Pune Festival (Pune)
  • Yashwantrao Chavan Smruti Sangeet Samaroha (Ambajogai).
  • Maharashtra Mandal (Ahmedabad)
  • Kesari Wada Ganesh Utsav (Pune)
  • Swar Sadhana Samiti (Mumbai)
  • Gururao Deshpande Music Conference (Bangalore)
  • Poornavad Musical Festival (Parner)
  • Dadar-Matunga Cultural Center (Mumbai)
  • Aurangabad Festival (Aurangabad)
  • With Sarod- Pune and Korea
  • With Violine-Pune,Ratnagiri,Chiplun
  • With Piano-France
  • With Flute-Singapore
  • Ambabai Mandir (Kolhapur)
  • Sarasbag Ganapati Mandir (Pune)
  • Jangli Maharaj Mandir (Pune)
  • Vittal Rakhumail Mandir (Pune)
  • Bhavanimata Mandir (Pune)
  • Ambabai Mandir (Miraj)
  • Shri Dattatraya Devasthan (Gangapur)
  • Bande Alikhan Saher Dargah
  • Meer Saheb Dargah (Miraj)
  • Avatar Meher Baba center (Ahamadnagar)
  • Dattajayanti Utstav (Ambad & Pune)
Apart from her many solo performances, Jaya has also participated in a group orchestra composed by Guruji– a performance which stole the show at the OSHO ASHARAM at Pune. For about three years Jaya has enjoyed grooming children at the ‘Sahyadri School’ of Krishnamurti Foundation, Rajgurunagar as a visiting Sitar Guru.


  • Recipient of Pushpalata Ranade Award for Instrumental Music in 2005.
  • Prime Instrumentalist in cultural exchange program organized by Friends of France (Pune) in 2009.

Jaya Jog

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