Jaya hails from a well educated family to which opulence and grandeur was not unknown. But interestingly, Jaya inherited little musical tradition – she was introduced to music by her mother who was learning Sitar. She was attracted to the soothing yet mystical instrument Sitar from the onset. Jaya then started practicing some notes out of an inborn curiosity, and this curiosity gradually blossomed into a lifelong commitment and passion – under the guidance of Sitar Maestro Ustad Usman Khan (Guruji).

Supported ably by Guruji, she took her baby steps into the world of Sitar and music, facing the inevitable ups and downs of a journey that touched her life in many ways. But she emerged through these hurdles because of her perseverance, dedication and hard work. She believes that Guruji shaped the artist in her like a sculptor and always ensured that she moves ahead.

Jaya strongly believes that Indian Classical music in itself is an unending spiritual journey that any artist embarks upon. Jaya has been on this journey all her life. She has had her share of fame and fortune as she excelled in the field of music. As a sitarist Jaya has established a name for herself both in India as well as internationally. She has conducted music sessions in TFA, Singapore for 3 months as a residential faculty. She has also conducted musical workshops and lecture demonstration in various countries like France, Italy, USA, Shrilanka, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

Jaya Jog

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